Review of the Wagner 905 On-Demand Power Steamer

I had seen all the hyped up infomercials on the television over the last couple months and I wanted to see if there is any truth to the products effectiveness. Now I don’t ever order anything from a TV ad but I did notice a similar unit at my local home improvement store. The Wagner version of this steam cleaning device caught my eye as I already own many other top quality products from this particular manufacturer.

The Wagner 905 On-Demand Power Steamer has a whole host of features and with 1500 watts of power; I felt it would defiantly be up to the task of whatever I could throw at it when I return home to try it out.

One of the biggest advantages of owning a steam cleaner such as the Wagner 905 On-Demand Power Steamer is the power of hot, germ killing and sanitizing action that the unit provides. You do not have to go out and spend a ton on expensive and poisonous chemicals and it only takes around 10 minutes to get up to temperature in my observation.

When I brought the Wagner 905 On-Demand Power Steamer home, I opened the box and read the easy to follow instruction manual before operating. I was pleased to see that I could use it on many different surfaces such as stove tops, tile, barbecue grills, flooring and even remove wall paper! My first project however was the shower stall. The Wagner 905 On-Demand Power Steamer lifted all the soap scum and grime with ease. Then I decided to clean the whole bathroom after I discovered just how quick the process was.

The Wagner 905 On-Demand Power Steamer comes with several types of attachments and brushes that will fit to almost any cleaning application you may have your eye on to tackle. I was surprised how light weight and maneuverable the steam cleaner was and the extra long extension tube really helps out when using the Wagner 905 On-Demand Power Steamer.

You have the option of setting the unit to operate with a constant stream of steam or intermittently as needed. Filling up the Wagner 905 On-Demand Power Steamer is also a breeze with the included measuring cup and funnel provided. This added design creates less of a chance of spills and other unnecessary messes associated with other steam cleaning machines on the market.

The Wagner 905 On-Demand Power Steamer uses its resources very efficiently; you can run the unit for almost 45 minutes continuously between fill ups!

So far I am very happy with this product and I recommend anyone that buys it for their home and office cleaning needs. Since you do not have to purchase added cleaners, the savings over time can be substantial for anyone who owns it.

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